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Wow! This was a great idea by Steven Harper to introduce outdoor racquetball to NC. I made the trip up to Clayton with my trailer loaded down with ladders and tools and helped him with the construction and removal of the court. I'll have to say I haven't been that sore in quite a while the following day. But it was worth it, and it it also prompted me to re-discover the outdoor courts we have in a public park here in Moore County in the city of Southern Pines. We have 2 courts and I'm currently working with a boy scout in pursuit of his Eagle badge to bring them up to tournament standards. Then Steven and I will be working together to introduce outdoor to the state in an even bigger way. I have lots of photos on the build and the playing in Clayton in my Photo gallery. Just click on the Photo Gallery link on the left to view them.

Steven is also Executive Director of the Military Racquetball Federation (MRF). For more information on the MRF and the outdoor build in Clayton you can go to the MRF web site by clicking on the link below.


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