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On Saturday July 17th I went to the wedding of two good friends, Paul Job and Joy Rudisill, in Hickory, NC. Most of you know Paul and Joy. Paul plays almost all of the NC tournaments, and Joy has always accompanied him. Joy has also come to the rescue and helped me out on many tournaments with hospitality and any other things that needed to be done. She has just recently started playing tournaments on a regular basis herself, and it's great that we have another woman getting involved with our sport. With racquetball such an important part of their life, of course they had to incorporate some racquetball into the wedding and reception. As you can see in the photos, as Paul and Joy and the wedding party left the church, many of their fellow players held their racquets in a high arch for the party to exit under. We also did the same as they entered the reception. In the other photos you can see the twoPAUL AND JOY CUT THE CAKE racquetball cakes. The main cake was made of two edible racquets (except the string) sitting on top of a racquetball court and supported by racquetballs all around. Joy constructed the court, and plans to bring it around to tournaments in the next year for everyone to see. The detail is really amazing. The other cake was a racquetball court. As you can see there are quite a few balls supporting the outside edges of the main cake. Everyone was given a ticket and wrote their guess as to how many balls were used in the construction. The prize for the winner was an 18k gold racquetball charm. As luck would have it, two people tied with their guess of the exact number of balls (187). So the tiebreaker was a dance-off between the two, Eric New, who is VP of the NCRA, and another wedding guest. The dance-off was one of the highlights of the evening and was enjoyed by all. The other guest edged Eric out by a small margin, but it was a lot of fun for both of them as you can see in the photos. With a catered bar-b-que dinner and cash bar, the evening was very enjoyable. We wish the best to the happy couple, and know we'll be seeing them both on the court soon. For all the photos of the wedding you can go to the photo gallery or click the link on the front page.

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Mike Stroud
Monday, July 19, 2010 8:47 AM
What a great time for two of our own. It was a blast being at Paul and Joy's Wedding. Nothing like watching the bride and groom march through a tunnel of uplifted racquetball racquets held up by fellow players, too funny.
I still can't believe there were 187 racquetballs holding up the cake. So happy for the both of them, God Bless them and their marriage.
Joy Job
# Joy Job
Tuesday, July 20, 2010 8:38 PM
Thanks so much for posting the article and photos! These are the first photos I've seen of the wedding... How appropriate that it would be on your website! The whole family crowded around the computer to see. We had a great time, and I only regret that it couldn't last longer. Thanks again, and we'll see you at the next tourney!
# Leon "Jay" Johnson
Monday, July 26, 2010 10:11 AM
Paul and Joy, just returned from overseas very sorry to have missed your day, it seems as if you guys did it right and everyone had a great time. Joy you looked beautiful. Congratulations and god bless to you both, The cake was awesome. See you'll soon.

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