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TMT stands for Tournament Management Team. The principals of our team are myself, Lynn Stephens, and Mike "Bush Hog" Bourgeois. Behind the scenes is Andreas Winston, who does all our design and graphic work. The rest of the team varies from event to event,  but Joy and Paul Job, and Donna Matthews are part of the team on the Aloha Open. We have other players who assist us at these and other events, but they vary according to event and location.

It takes a team to produce events like these, as no one person could ever do it alone. Most people don't realize the time and effort it takes to put on a quality racquetball event and I'd like to personally thank everyone that helps and has helped in the past for their contributions.

Our tournament schedule at present consists of one indoor event, The Aloha Open, currently being held at The Sportscenter Athletic Club in High Point on the third weekend of June each year, and 3-4 Outdoor Tournaments held at the Memorial Park courts in Southern Pines, NC. The indoor tournament is sanctioned by the USAR/NCRA and the outdoor events are sanctioned by WOR. We also hold several organized play days outdoor each year that are non-sanctioned.

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